and Trevor’s E4 Flight

Trevor has been pushing members to use this website (it’s free) to log and share their flights by using your cell phone GPS capability.  Go to and take a look.  You can register for an account or search and view other pilot’s flights.  Trevor’s last flight is at the link (click on the graphics below for a larger version):

E4 Track from March 2017

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White Sands Soaring Members

Members can now use this discussion page for pictures, news, description of flights.  This is an example.  The picture is one of Tom’s posted on our Facebook page.

Members of WSSA enjoying a day of soaring

WSSA Website and this page

This is a blog in the terms of the software that creates these pages… WordPress. It is just an essay that is written by a member of the community that has permission to use this site…. members of the White Sands Soaring Association. Blogs can be used for discussion because comments can be made to a blog and this becomes what in the email world we call a thread.  Or the blog can be one of kind such as a report to the membership of a flight.  Pictures, links, documents, can be included in the blog so news and announcements can be made here.