Introductory Flights

We understand that it’s hard to invest your time, money and effort in something that you might not like. We have options that allow you to test the waters to see if soaring is really for you!  Listed below are two programs we offer to anybody interested in our club!

Demo Flight

A demonstration flight includes a one-time flight with a commercial rated pilot. The pilot will take you through all the great things that come with soaring at our club! The $100 demo flight includes a tow to 4,000′ above the ground followed by a 30 minute or longer flight (depending on the soaring conditions).  We promise that you will have an unforgettable experience!

Sniffer Flight Program

The $150 Sniffer Flight Program consists of either three or five flights.  The first flight is with a commercial rated pilot for a Demo Flight.  The next two flights are with an instructor where you will do the hands-on flying during two pattern tows. You can take all three in one day or spread them out, however you’d like.  At that point, if you decide to join the club, you get two additional instruction flights for free.