Introductory Flights

We understand that it’s hard to make an investment if you have no idea if you’d like it or not. We have options that allow you to test the waters and see if gliding is for you! Listed below is or programs that we offer to everybody interested in our club!

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Scenic Flight

A demonstration flight includes a one-time flight with a rated commercial pilot. The pilot will take you through all the great things that come with gliding at our club! The demo flight is $100 for about a 30 minute flight  or longer (dependent on the weather).

Sniffer Flight Program

The Sniffer Flight Program consists of three flights that last around 20 minutes each. You can take all three in one day or spread them out how ever you’d like. The program has a $150 service fee.   See “Prices” under “WSSA Info” for more information.