Glider Pilots Ground School in ABQ

The Glider Pilots Ground School is back on the road to Albuquerque, NM
SUNDAY 18 November, 2018
Private class 8AM-4:30 PM, COM/CFI class 8AM-6PM
All books and study material are included in the price.

Glider Pilots Ground School, established in 1972, and presented for 25 years by Glider Hall of Fame recipient Edgar D. Seymour, has prepared more than 2600 glider pilots for the FAA Glider Knowledge exams. GPGS prepares pilots for the Private, Commercial, and CFI Knowledge and Oral exams in a one day, 8-hour seminar. Their new PowerPoint presentation makes learning fast and easy, and their students have an impressive pass rate for the written exams of better than 99%. The GPGS seminar includes all the information needed to pass the written exam presented in one day. A GPGS text book is included. You will be ready to take the FAA exam 24 hours after the course. Some pilots take it the next day. The course covers Federal Air Regulations – Aerodynamics and Glider Operations – Airman’s Information Manual-Airport Directory – Instruments and Systems – Weather-Weather Services – Weight and Balance – Performance – Cross Country Flight Planning – Sectional Chart and Navigation -Radio Navigation – Aeromedical Factors- Decision making – Practice questions and correct responses- and much more. The GPGS books are available for pre-study and for those unable to attend class. They include all the information and all the FAA question banks tailored exclusively for Glider Pilots. The three separate books are available from GPGS at 1-877-FLY-GPGS, online at as well as from many FBO’s and clubs. The course books are great for preparation for the FAA Oral exams, and GPGS carries many products of interest to glider pilots of all experience levels.
See the GPGS web site for more information: