How to check NOTAMs/TFRs

It is recommended for Flight Operation Officer (FOO)  to check current NOTAMs and TFRs,  even this is a duty of every pilot to do so. There is one current NOTAM in KALM:   !ALM 07/004 ALM SVC SEE ZAB 07/243 HOLLOMAN APP SVC 1807291928-1810312359

Some time ago we had a TFR for rocketry on the north side of town;  a TFR popped up due to a fire near Shiprock;  recently we had NOTAMs for the runway construction.
Tim Cox was very strong on it: “If you don’t think checking NOTAMs is important, ask the guy who balled up his Cessna 150 here at Alamogordo because he didn’t know about the barriers at the end of runway 21 and then tried to leap over them on landing rollout. By the way, it didn’t work, he stalled, and trashed the plane.”