Test Preparation for the Written Glider Test

A few weeks ago, I scored 95 on my Written Test for the Private Glider Pilot License.  Here’s how I did it:

I purchased a test prep program called Dauntless, recommended to me by one of the club members. I downloaded the app and began studying the biggest sections (59 or more questions) at a leisurely rate on Continuous Study mode. Then I’d review my wrong answers. For the concepts I didn’t understand, I’d either do some internet research or ask a club member for help.

When I was only two months away from my targeted deadline to get a private glider pilot license, I took a practice test and scored 68. I decided I’d have to study more rigorously to meet my deadline. I began studying the smaller sections, grouping them together, so I studied around 118 questions per day. As soon as I got one wrong, I’d read the answer explanation and research it–if it was an unfamiliar concept. After completing that day’s questions, I’d go back to review my wrong answers. Then I’d retake the questions. My goal was to score somewhere in the 90s for each group of questions. All together, this process took 1-3 hours per day. Oftentimes, I’d struggle to finish on busy days, and I’d end up having to do extra the next day.

I saved four days before the written test to take 1-2 practice tests per day–since studies show that there’s a correlation between the number of practice tests you’ve taken and how well you’ll do in any given test. I used this principle to score well on my SAT, so I figured it’d also apply to the written test. At this point, I scored between 95s and 96s on my practice tests.

Studying for the test is simple but not easy. I’d usually end my daily study sessions with a headache or feeling completely out of my depth. But achieving a 95 was worth it. Though some may argue you only need a 70 and anything above that is a waste of time, I don’t regret expending the effort I did. Not only was I able to take the test confidently, but I also know it’ll make me a better pilot. As a wise friend of mine says, “It’s a lack of knowledge that will get you into trouble.” And of course, one upping fellow club members is a definite perk.

With that, I wish you the best of luck in prepping for your written test!