Thunderstorm season is here.

This is recommendations from our amaizing instructor, Tom Krajci: Thunderstorm season is here, and will be with us for a few months. Below is what happened at the Alamogordo airport today…storm outflows affected the area with strong gusty winds for almost three hours. (And Sunday was similar with the storm outflow coming near sunset.

Storm outflows can be quite the hazard, so be aware of how the weather is developing, and it might be a good idea to land before the 35 knot gusts make landing difficult…and ground handling, too. You may be able to find lift and stay up to ‘ride out’ the storm below…not too difficult to hang out for half an hour, but can you stay up several extra hours?

Make sure your radio works, and check AWOS frequently.

There might be a silver lining to this situation. After the storm outflow ends, the air is usually quite still and ideal for training flights (but lousy for soaring.) Maybe you can convince the tow pilot to stick around and tow after the storm dissipates?