Welcome to the White Sands Soaring Association, also known as the WSSA, or “the Club”. We were formed in 1959 by a group of people with a keen interest in soaring, and have been in continuous operation since. Our purpose is to promote the art, science, fellowship and fun of soaring. To those ends, we maintain several gliders, a tow plane, hangar and Clubhouse. All costs of ownership and operation are borne by the Club members in the form of initiation fees, dues and tow fees. As a Club, we do not aim to make a profit, but we do aim to generate enough revenue to cover the costs of safe operation and distribute these costs among the members in as fair a manner as possible. In the event the Club disbands, the Club Charter specifies that all assets will be turned over to the Soaring Foundation of America. Therefore, no one “owns” or has a financial interest in the Club.