Here is a breakdown of expenses:

SSA Membership
WSSA requires all club members, regardless of if they are an active flyer or not, to be members of the SSA.  Yearly dues to SSA are $69.

Membership Initiation Fee (most, if not all clubs have one)
Regular Membership:  $250
Temporary Membership (less than 6 months):  $125
Family Membership:  $125 for each family member (regardless of age)
Youth Membership (<18yrs old):  $125
Associate Membership (non-flying member):  $75/year or $250 (one time)

Monthly Dues

Glider rental
$40/month assessment (unlimited monthly glider rental)

Tow Fees
$18 for the first 1000ft/pattern tow
$6/1000ft after that

Sniffer Flights
$150 – This includes three flights of around 20 minutes each with a commercial pilot