Here is a breakdown of expenses:

SSA Membership
WSSA requires all club members, regardless of if they are an active flyer or not, to be members of the SSA.  Yearly dues to SSA are $72.  Youth members (22 years old or less)  $42.  The $42.00 annual dues also apply to family members. 

Membership Initiation Fee (most, if not all clubs have one)
Regular Membership:  $250
Temporary Membership (less than 6 months):  $125
Family Membership:  $125 for each family member (regardless of age)
Youth Membership ( 22 yrs old or less ):  $125
Associate Membership (non-flying member):  $75/year or $250 (one time)

Monthly Dues
Member: $45/month
Youth ( 22 yrs old or less and family members): $22.50/month

Glider rental
$40/month assessment (unlimited monthly glider rental)
Youth ( 22 yrs old or less and family members): $20.00/month

Tow Fees
$18 for the first 1000ft/pattern tow
$6/1000ft after that

Sniffer Flights
$150 – This includes three flights.    The first will be a high-tow with a commercial rated pilot.  The second and third flights will be with an instructor to about landing pattern altitude (1500 ft. or less) for hands-on take off and landing.  After that third flight, you decide whether or not to join the club. If you join, your next two flights with an instructor to pattern altitude will be tow free.