WSSA History

Historical Extracts from Soaring Magazine

This scrapbook is a living document, open to everyone, members and visitors alike. If you’ve got photos or tales to tell about the WSSA, please send them to me so I can paste them in.
George Fish

White Sands Soaring Association: Alive and Well at Fifty
In the October 2009 issue of Soaring Magazine, Art Davis wrote a history called “White Sands Soaring Association: Alive and Well at Fifty”. If you are a member of the Soaring Society of America, you can read it in their archives of the “Soaring” magazines. I present the text here for those who don’t have access to those archives.  [By Larry Bogan]

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Rumor has it this was during a Thanksgiving fly-in in the ’90s.

There is published article in newsletter by Southwest soaring museum, they have this picture also. Citation: “Starting in the 1980s the club began trailering gliders down to Alamogordo at Thanksgiving for wave flying in what came to be known as “Turkey Fest”. At one point in 1987 there were 17 sailplanes in formation over the mountain in the wave.” The picture caption: “Half the Formation in Wave During Turkey Fest 1987 ” .