1980 on – History

In 1984, the club sold the 2-22 and the 1-26 to purchase an L-13 Blanik. The Blanik turned out to be very popular with club members for both training and recreational flights. Jim Day set a New Mexico state record for altitude gain of 22,300 feet in an open class multi-place ship in this glider on April 13, 1986 at Alamogordo. Jim was to set a few more records before he retired from gliding, but his soaring accomplishments were merely incidental to his contributions as a motivator and mentor. His enthusiasm was infectious and he inspired people to stretch out to their potential.

Jim Day in the Ventus “Stray Dog”

Blanik at TurkeyFest 1987


Ka-8 at Hobbs

March, 1988

Norman Bloom gets some last minute advice from CFIG Frank Wilson before flying the Ka-8 for the first time.


1988 – The Examiner


Gerald Bagdy with Tammy Chapa for her Private Pilot check ride in the newly painted Blanik





John “Mad Max” McMurray awaits the signal to throttle up the winch





Meanwhile, back at the Blanik, winchees Roger McMakin and Dave Fletcher get their ducks lined up. “OK, on the count of three…”

In 1985, the club sold the Bellanca Scout and purchased a 1969 Cessna 182, N-71784 for $17,000. Ed Eisler installed a tow hook in December and the club had its fourth tow plane ready for business.

Still working on it… Geo