1964-1979 Ups & Downs

In 1964, the club sold the TG-3 and purchased a new Schweizer SGU 2-22E, Serial #186, N-2728Z. The club also purchased a used Schweizer SGS 1-26A from a club member, Serial #101, N-3817. These gliders stayed with the club until the spring of 1984, when an L-13 Blanik was purchased.

The 2-22 on tow behind the Fairchild PT-23

At this time, March 2001, the 2-22 resides in North Carolina at the Piedmont Soaring Society and is being rebuilt for the umpteenth time.


The 2-22 in flight
over the Alamogordo Airport


1964 – Henry “Hank” Godman and his Prue 215 at the Alamogordo Airport. The PT-23 towplane is in the background. By the looks of the cumulus over the Sacramentos, he was probably eager to launch.

Hank later built and flew an HP-11. He served as WSSA president for several years
during the 60’s. His son, Lou, and grandson Jeffery are also WSSA glider pilots.

1965 – The price of the dinner looks good.


Five dollar gift certificates for demo rides are also a thing of the past





Ramona Duncan of “Ramona’s” restaurant and Walter Mullins, Mayor of Alamogordo
pose in the PT-23 during this show and tell by a WSSA club member in the early ’70s.

Left to Right: Unknown, Chuck Dugan, Walter Mullins, Hank Dugan in front of the 2-22


The club did a lot of promotional work during these years to expand the membership.
By the mid to late 70’s however, things were looking grim. The club finally sold the
aging PT-23 and bought a Bellanca Scout. Chuck Dugan and Art Davis worked hard to revive
the club, and things began to turn around.

To be continued….

This is still in progress. I’m digging for information. Thanks to
Howard Ebersole, Larry Edgar, Art Davis, Frank Wilson, Ramona Duncan,
Rex and Marilyn Stage and Lou Godman for input so far.